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Accredited Organizations

To view the scope of accreditation of a facility, click on the Accredited Laboratory/Inspected Body.

NOTE: This list is updated regularly.

Where a facility’s accreditation has been suspended, the words "SUSPENDED” shall appear.

Where a facility’s accreditation has been withdrawn, the words “WITHDRAWN” shall appear.

Organization Type Name of Accredited Organisation Country Accreditation Number Status Approval/Suspension/Withdrawal Date Schedule Of Accreditation
Calibration laboratories Zambia Metrology Agency Zambia CAL-8 009 APPROVED 2 September 2022 Download
Calibration laboratories Scientific & Industrial Research and Development Centre - National Metrology Institute (SIRDC-NMI) Zimbabwe CAL-8 011 APPROVED 13 June 2022 Download
Calibration laboratories B & P Scales (Pty) Ltd Eswatini CAL-8 007 APPROVED 25 May 2021 Download
Calibration laboratories ISOCAL Calibration Laboratories Zimbabwe CAL-14 005 APPROVED 25 August 2021 Download
Calibration laboratories Tanzania Bureau of Standards - Metrology Laboratory Tanzania CAL-15 001 APPROVED 16 February 2021 Download


Training Services

SADCAS offers training on accreditation related courses.


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